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Wild burros are protected as “living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West” that “enrich the lives of the American people.”

Photo credit: Mike Lorden

Photo credit: Mike Lorden

Since the early 1800s, they have accompanied explorers and pioneers on their treks throughout the West, surviving the harsh conditions that claimed the lives of their human counterparts.

The wild burro is a testament to Nevada’s rough and tumble history. They truly embody the spirit of Nevada.

For the outdoor adventurer:

  • Black Rock Herd Management Area:

    • Spring Mountain Ranch State park offers full moon and wildflower hikes where burros are abundant. These hikes take out you out past the usual bustle of the state park to the Yuccas and Joshua Trees where wild burros live and offers a one of a kind outdoor experience.

  • The Hickison Band

    • These burros are in the smoky valley are some of the most famous burros in the state. They are also along the “loneliest Road” in America. This infamous road brings true outdoor adventures from all over, but not many people know wild burros live here, too! You can stop at Spencer Hot Springs and take a soak and watch these burros.

Photo credit: Mike Lorden

Photo credit: Mike Lorden

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For the Instagram lover

  • Bullfrog Mining District/Beatty/Rhyolite:

    • This area is home to Rhyolite, one of the most photographed ghost towns in the West. Rhyolite burst onto the scene in the very early 1900’s as a booming mining town and went bust nearly as fast. It’s now abandoned… well except for burros!

      • People flock here to take photographs of the still standing window from the old jail, the Bottle House (made from 10,000 beer bottles), or the ruins of the three story Bank Building. Or if you’re more into art, check out the Last Supper sculpture or the cement tiled couch, which is the perfect place for a photoshoot!

    • The best way to enhance your Instagram feed is to add a little wild to it and the perfect place for that is the Bullfrog Mining District and surrounding towns!

For the history aficionado:

  • If you are a true history enthusiast seeking some wild history you must see the Hickison band of burros!

    • They live in the Big Smoky Valley which is one range away from the geographical center of the state. It is also home to many petroglyphs, or prehistoric rock writing.The stories these petroglyphs tell is incredible. They bring us back to a time about 10,000 years ago when the climate was wetter, a number of large lakes dotted the countryside, and ancient tribes of humans made this valley their home.

  • Get your history fix while seeing the historic Hickison band of burros! The wilderness can educate you in more ways than one!

Photo credit: Travel NV

Photo credit: Travel NV