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Allie's experience seeing the Fish Springs horses

My first tour with my friends was with JT Humphrey in 2017. I'd never seen a wild horse up close, only on television. The first horse we saw was Blue and his band. At that time he was hard to find, but that day he walked right by with his band. What an incredible life changing experience that was! Here I was witnessing a part of Americas history, not watching a western, actually seeing the beauty, strength, courage & survival of these beautiful horses. Next we saw Samson and his band, son of Blue. Blue walked away from his band to visit Samson, walking past us. They were happy to see each other, being very vocal and playing around. The sense of family was clearly felt by them and us. Yes, my life changed forever. When you see them you never want to leave. Our tour with John was a heart warming experience. John explained about the wild horses about their lives, family and characteristics. We got an extra bonus that day meeting Nancy Florence photographing the wild horses. Its evident John & Nancy are dedicated to the preservation of the wild horses. We went on tour this year again with John and actually saw a stampede! All you could hear is hooves running, seeing dirt flying and all the horses joining together like it was perfectly choreographed. I asked John if he planned them to do that! It was evident the horses put on their own special show! I can't get enough seeing the wild horses either on tour or through the pictures. My walls are covered with pictures and calendars of the wild horses. I believe the horses are very spiritual. I can't explain it, you have to feel it. We're looking forward to another tour in 2019! I would rather see the wild horses than go to any place else. Thank you wild horses for giving me an inner peace & serenity in my life. Thank you JT Humphrey for the tours, we'll never know what , or which horses we'll see and hear. Thank you photographers for documenting them and letting us see their beauty when we aren't there. I will always fight the fight to keep them free! See you next year!

Amelia PerrinComment