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Read Deb's experience with the Fish Springs wild horses

When I was a teen, we went to north central NV above Elko for a hunting trip. While sitting on the side of a mountain, I saw a group of wild horses come up over the ridge. I stood up and they looked at me, and me at them. I was amazed to see these beautiful wild horses. I lived in Las Vegas at the time and we used to trailer our horses to Red Rock Canyon to ride. That was my second encounter, but this time I saw wild burros as well. I was smitten. So when we started looking for a place to retire, and visited the Carson Valley, I was sold on Fish Springs. We were looking at land in the area and there were wild horses spotted here and there. I knew this is where I needed to live. I live here today and love seeing our wild horses and getting to know their families and life ever.

Amelia PerrinComment