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Terri Farley's experience with Cheryl Broumley's Wild Life Tours

WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE -- that's where Cheryl Broumley;s wildlife tours take you. On our morning together, we saw the stark beauty of Nevada's high desert, soaring hawks and, most dramatic of all, witnessed the return of mustang stallion Blue. Nature can be harsh -- red in tooth and claw -- and Cheryl knows much of the horses' family histories, so that viewers know what's going on and why. She keeps both horses and viewers safe, and her photographs capture the adventure forever so that YOU can immerse yourself in the now. In a world where we can look up almost anything online, these trips are different. Every day, hour, minute is wild, unpredictable and REAL.

Blue, a wild stallion, on the range.

Blue, a wild stallion, on the range.

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