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Elody's Breathtaking Experience on the range in Nevada

For a long time i've had this dream to meet the wild horses. Then it became true. I heard about the wild horses of Nevada thanks to the different wild horses pages on social media. They became like part of a family that you would like to visit, not to talk about the extraordinary landscape behind.
I flew all my way from south France to get a chance to meet them, and I spent a week around Genoa and Gardnerville. The experience was just incredible... it's hard to reflect on how breathtaking it was to see those horses running free in the beautiful landscape of Nevada. It was an amazing week where i was extremely lucky to see lots of those horses from the Pine Nut mountain herd and Virginia range. Free, beautiful and healthy. I also enjoyed other attractive places like Lake Tahoe, Carson City and Virginia City during my stay. Thanks to those horses i learnt much more from Nevada than i even expected, i'll not only recommend it to my friend, but i'll certainly come back!.
Taking the opportunity here to thanks the local community from Fish Spring wild horses alliance and Pine Nut wild horses advocates for giving me a chance to discover about wild horses in northern Nevada and for making this stay a lifetime remember. 
But not the last one... it's only a goodbye Nevada :-)

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